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We let data decide

We are Round Zero, a revolutionary mobile game publisher operating in Oulu, Northern Finland. What differentiates us from many other publishers is that we don't decide which games to publish based on personal opinions of professionals, but rather let our player base play the gameā€”and review it for us. In Data We Trust.


The mobile game world is changing, and so should we. Forget individual opinions, and let data be your guide towards success.

Are you a game developer that has the guts to look at real game performance metrics in the eye? Are you looking for a mobile game publisher? Are you prepared to face the truth of your game; will it survive the challenging mobile game market, or will it be forgotten? If so, we need to talk.

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Ready to get your game published?

Round Zero is a mobile game publishing company. Although Round Zero is a publishing label of its own, it operates under Fingersoft Ltd., the mobile game developer and/or publisher of multiple mega-hit successes like Hill Climb Racing, Make More!, and Fail Hard!.

Round Zero was founded to operate as the publishing and game review department of Fingersoft for one purpose only: to scout talented game developers from all over the world, and help them to review and publish their games.

The mobile game market has become immensely hard to penetrate. Hundreds of brilliant games are buried every single day due to the sheer mass of new games submitted to app stores. As a mobile game publisher, it is our job to help you analyze the success potential of your mobile game, and help you either by user acquisition, funding, or other methods of making your game flourish.

Round Zero provides extremely transparent information about everything relating to publishing. Financials, metrics, KPIs, marketing... Whatever we do, we share. Join the world of Round Zero!



The game and developer team requirements are:

Step 1


Your game is ready to receive external players and you have implemented some features that make players come back to your game.

Analytics is essential for successful game development and testing. If you haven't decided which service to use, we recommend GameAnalytics.

Step 2


You have a team or you can arrange a team to further develop the game if necessary. You can implement a game analytics tool, advertisements and in-app-purchases to your game. You are interested in games-as-a-service model. You can create marketing materials (banners, interstitials & video) and can release the game under your account in Google Play.

Step 3


You have created a new game that is not a direct clone of any existing game. The game hasn't been globally launched yet and it uses freemium business model. You are able to deliver the game to at least Android, and the game is of good quality and could be a match for our publishing portfolio.

Step 4


You or your contact person has a working proficiency in English. You can communicate clearly and are willing to send us the necessary materials to evaluate your game, such as screenshots, videos, pitch decks, test builds etc.

Round Zero timeline


The basic steps for Round Zero are:

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